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SKILLED TRADES WORKERS rely on their knees to be healthy and Durakneez® Kneepads are a MUST in order to avoid injuries and promote a long and productive career.   The impact and abrasion resistant materials used to manufacture these kneepads provide optimum comfort on any surface you’re working on and the non-slip knee zone provides stability in wet or dry conditions.  The unique Patented Design allows them to secure perfectly snug behind but below the knee so you can bend and flex in comfort with no binding.  Durakneez® are quick and easy to put on and take off.  There are no left or right kneepads to worry about so the same motion gets the job done quickly and efficiently.  Chemicals, dirt, concrete and debris are no match for these kneepads and at the end of the day, just toss them into the washing machine, alone with warm water, or hose them off or bucket dunk them and hang to dry.   Don’t forget to keep these in your toolbox or lunch box – you won’t want to be without them again..

  • Carpenters

    CONSTRUCTION WORKERS need knee protection that allows maximum mobility from crawlspace to attic.  Durakneez® are designed for the active worker; tough yet flexible and light weight, with a bottomless inner pad what provides optimum protection. The non-slip knee zone material is tough, waterproof and resists wear and abrasion.

  • Mechanics

    MECHANICS want a kneepad that stays in place while they are on the move.  Durakneez® are slim and light weight in design and materials allowing you to wear them in comfort all day long.  The non slip knee zone helps to stabilize the knee and the bottomless inner pad allows painless kneeling on hard surfaces and debris.

  • Gardeners

    LANDSCAPING INSTALLERS kneel on all types of terrain and Durakneez® Kneepads are designed for all-terrain use.  From gravel and mud to concrete and rocks, they will give you stability and bottomless protection required to keep kneeling until the job is complete.  Easy to clean- just spray them off or dunk them in a pail of water and hang dry.

  • Electricians

    ELECTRICIANS  can find themselves in a variety of spaces.  The comfort and light weight Durakneez® Kneepads will protect your knees from concrete to rafters in total comfort.  Designed to stay secure behind and below the knee, the non-binding straps make kneeling for extended periods, a non-issue.

  • Plumbers

    PLUMBERS are on their knees and crawling on a variety of hard surfaces. Durakneez® inner pad provides bottomless protection in a streamlined kneepad design.  The secure stretch straps provide a non-binding, comfortable fit for extended kneeling.  The knee zone material is tough and waterproof and provides non-slip protection and stability.

  • Flooring
    Flooring & Tile

    FLOORING & TILE INSTALLERS spend extended periods kneeling on hard surfaces.  Durakneez® Kneepads are ideal because of their non-binding knee design which has stretch straps that secure above the calf and below the knee for a perfectly snug fit that doesn’t interfere with blood circulation. You can even reverse them from the non-slip knee zone to a smooth slide side.